Although change is sometimes difficult in the short term, the districts long term goal is to help our members navigate the trail system.

Changes put in place this year affect many trails.

The 2 biggest changes include:

The renaming of L102 Pipeline trail to A East. This allows members to travel from West end of trail system on A West to A North thru Kenora and continue on A East to Stewart Lake.

To aid in navigation of our Wilderness Loop that circles the district, the “old” A East and L601 Hydro Line to Sioux Narrows will be renamed A113A and will go from A West/A North Junction all the way down thru Sioux Narrows (via Hydro Line) and then down to Emo and across to Atikokan…all on 1 new trail number A113A. It will then reconnect with A East, Hence the A at beginning and end of the trail name.

You can check out all changes on the OFSC Interactive Trail Guide by clicking on image below…

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