Note to STR Members

January 2010

Most trails are about to be opened on a Limited Basis. Limited meaning that they have not yet been groomed. Extreme care should be taken if using any of the trails.

Unfortunately, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature, and even though we are building good ice in most areas, we are still short of snow on the land portions of our trails.

Trail Bosses have reported that land crossings are extremely rough, with many rocks and stumps lying just below the surface of the snow. They reported several instances of damage to volunteer sleds because of these obstacles. Ice conditions on most parts of our trails are building nicely. However, there are still many areas that still require more ice thickness to allow our groomers to function safely. Currently, volunteers are continuing to check and monitor this situation. There are many areas of the lakes that have poor ice conditions. Therefore, we recommend that you stick to the staked/marked trails to ensure a safe dry ride.

Looking back to recent years, the earliest date that the groomers have been on the trails was January 15. The normal date that we get the groomers going is usually January 21 to 25.

At this point, we require 14 inches of solid blue ice on the lakes and a good dump of snow on the land to implement grooming. Hopefully, with this recent cold snap the ice will thicken and only Mother Nature can help us out with the snowfall.

Trail status is updates on our website at www.sunsettrailriders.ca .

Ken Bracken

STR President