April 2024 – Year End News

Sunset Trailriders Snowmobile Club had a very different season this year, as Mother Nature was being difficult with the snow so controlled all of our activities.

Despite the conditions our dedicated volunteers still put in approximately 4000+ lake stakes and signs.

The diehard sledders enjoyed what was available and made the best of a season that was???

The trail through town on Hwy 17 has been changed back to the mall parking lot, but with upgrades. Every snowmobiling season black pylons will clearly mark the trail along the Hwy, to avoid riding through the actual mall parking lot.

Thanks to the donated side-by-side from FFun Motorsports Kenora our signage co-ordinator and volunteers were able to inspect, upgrade and repair the signage on our trail system.

Due to the lack of snow our intent to fill the staging area across from the A & W with sleds to acknowledge the support we have received from the City of Kenora did not materialize. With Mother Nature’s co-operation, we will try again next year.

About mid March great weather conditions allowed for some lake stakes and signs to be removed. The next 2 weeks “winter” temperatures returned so we were at a stand still. Around April 1st, “no joke” lake stake/sign removal temperatures returned and by April 7th, 2024 they were all safely removed by our volunteers.

With Mother Nature’s co-operation in conjunction with Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation’s approved project of a new lightweight Kubota RTV side-by-side and snow drag, we hope to have an earlier start to our grooming season which in turn means an earlier snowmobile/recreational season for all to enjoy.

Wishing everyone a safe and great summer. !!!!! HAPPY TRAILS!!!!!

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Trail Report

No Results Found

The page you requested could not be found. Try refining your search, or use the navigation above to locate the post.


The route is not available at this time, access is prohibited and anyone entering the property may be trespassing.


Access to the identified route is limited with marginal riding opportunities, snowmobilers enter with the understanding that they should exercise extreme care and reduce speed.


The identified route is accessible with the understanding that the trail will likely vary considerably in quality, attributes and terrain over it’s length.

For specific trail availability details,

always consult the OFSC Interactive Trail Guide (ITG)

prior to accessing snowmobiles trails.

(Updated Every Friday)


A Pipeline Trail

NO GAS available

at Stewart Lake

Kenora To Stewart Lake

Est. 57 kms / 36 miles

*See HITRAC Warm-up

shelter on L102

A Kenora Town Corridor

A/A113A Jct to A/L104 Jct

Est. 19 kms / 11.7 miles

A Kenora to Falcon Lake (MB)

Kenora to Falcon Lake (MB)

Est. 58 kms / 36 miles

Enns Brothers Warm-Up

shelter (Rush Bay)
GPS Location:
N 49.39723 W 94.56604


A/A113A Jct to

Sioux Narrows


A/A113A Jct to A113A/L108 Jct

(Via LOTW and Hydroline Trail)

Est. 65kms/41 miles 

Witch Bay Warm-up shelter
GPS Location:
N 49.59720 W 94.18380
L101 West Hawk Trail

L105/L101 Jct to Longpine Lake

(Manitoba Border)

(West Hawk Lake)

Est. 50kms / 31 miles 

YamaHut Warm-up shelter (Minkaduza Lake)
GPS Location:
N 49.44585 W 94.54581
L102 Stewart Lake Trail

NO GAS available

at Stewart Lake

A113A/L102 Jct to A/L102 Jct

Est. 54 kms/34 miles

HiTrac Warm-up shelter
(Rail Lake)

GPS Location:
N 49.81468 W 93.78148

L103 Snook Lake Trail

L104/L103 Jct to Tomahawk &

Barbie’s Warm-up shelter

Est. 51 kms/32 miles 

Tomahawk & Barbie’s

Warm-up shelter

GPS Location:
N 50.10795 W94.43923

L104 Redditt Trail

A/L104 Jct to Redditt

Est. 24 kms/14.9 miles 

L105 McKenzie Trail

A/L105 Jct to Keewatin

Est. 22 kms/14 miles

L106M North West Angle Trail

Passport Required

to enter USA

L101/L106M Jct to Youngs Bay (USA)

Est. 61 kms / 38 miles

L107 Dogtooth Trail

A113A / L107 Jct to L102/L107 Jct

Est. 33 kms/ 20 miles 

L108 Dryberry Trail

L102/L108 Jct to A113A/ L108 Jct

(Sioux Narrows)

Est. 42 kms/ 26 miles 

Dick & Dolly’s Warm-up

shelter( near Dryberry Lake)
GPS Location:
N 49.37105 W 93.59099

L109 Longbow Trail

L107/L109 Jct to A/L109 Jct

Est. 22 kms/14 miles 

L110 Sunset Channel Trail

A113A/L110 Jct to L110/L106M Jct

(Hydroline Trail to North West 

Angle Trail)

Est. 54 kms / 33 miles


French Portage Narrows


Passport required

to enter USA

L110 /L 111M Jct to Oak Island (USA)

(SunsetChannel Trail to Oak Island USA)

Est. 25 kms / 15 miles 

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