Sunset Trail Riders volunteers start every fall by inspecting and repairing all signs at 48 road crossings and junctions. Every year approximately 80 to 100 signs are replaced or repaired on our whole system. It is unfortunate L101 West Hawk Trail has the most destruction to the signs, some are shot up knocking signs off their mounts and even bending the mounting posts. This takes a lot of volunteer hours and many dollars to repair while working in cold temperatures.

Thanks to our dedicated volunteers who every year clear fallen trees from our land accessible trails. There are many swamps that are a formidable barrier to checking and clearing these trails.

Many volunteer hours are spent talking to businesses to support and advertise on our paper tear off maps as well as our website. These adds are a much needed source of income for our club and we thank all the businesses that support us.

Thanks to a specialized mechanic at Shane’s, our large groomers get a complete maintenance check.  When ice and snow conditions are right the groomers are ready.

Staking has begun and will progress as ice conditions warrant. Since there is little snow falling into our drilled holes as well as no slush to contend with staking is going well. Lack of snow in the bush is hindering easy access to remote lakes making for a slower staking process.

A special thanks go to the NOHFC (Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation) for a grant that has supplied us with 75% of the funds required to secure a Kubota RTV  tracked S X S, a small groomer drag, and a 7500 lb capacity trailer that can be conveniently towed by a standard ½ ton with electric brake option.  Another Thank you to NWOSTA (North Western Ontario Snowmobile Trails Association) and City of Kenora for helping with the remaining 25%.

Included within these funds was the purchase and installation of an oil water separator for the shop so leaked oil does not enter the town sewer system.

The trail through town on Hwy 17 E has been changed due to speed and noise in the mall parking lot. It now runs on the south side of the road from the jail to Kenora’s Best.

 We are getting awesome support from the City of Kenora. They have provided us with an access route from the A trail on Mikana way to the  staging area opposite the A@W providing us easy access to all the restaurants and hotels close by. The Trail is signed and marked and ready to use. City of Kenora is providing us with a large map to be mounted at the rear of the Baseball viewing stand. Thank you “City of Kenora”.

A show of support is planned, with a request to fill the staging area with 100 or more sleds on a Saturday morning with a date yet to be determined. We hope to have our new Kubota on display.

Enjoy a lunch at one of the restaurants, now that it is an easy access to 5 of them, a small walk may be required.