Ice Safety

The Sunset Trail Riders and the OFSC are very concerned about ice safety. The Kenora region is a beautiful place to live and play and that is mostly due to the superb bodies of water we have in our area. Our abundance of lakes however, make for not only beautiful riding but at the same time potentially dangerous riding as well. As a snowmobiling club we cannot stress strong enough the importance of testing ice conditions before you travel over any body of water. Just because there is a set of tracks there does not make it safe. It might mean someone was lucky, not smart, and if you don’t know, don’t go. In fact, in order for our club to install trail markers on any body of water we must perform a comprehensive test of ice conditions to ensure the safety of the public. Even when travelling on marked trails you still have a responsibility to check the conditions prior to entering the ice surface as ice conditions can change quickly. Remember, you always enter ice at your own risk; neither the OFSC nor its member clubs accept any responsibility or liability for ice crossings or variations in ice conditions. However, for those riders out there that ride off track here is a handy reference chart from the Ontario Snowmobile Safety Committee showing safe ice thicknesses.

Ice Thickness Chart