The following warm up shelters have each had a 5 lb. ABCD fire extinguisher installed on behalf of the generous donation of Bison Fire Protection Inc. of Winnipeg, Manitoba. www.bisonfire.com

Witch Bay on trail “A East” and Dick & Dolly’s on trail L601. These appliances are there for riders and building protection. If anyone has an instance in which the extinguisher had to be activated to prevent a fire, please leave the spent fire extinguisher at the warm up shelter location and if possible, advise the STR at https://www.sunsettrailriders.ca/contact-us/contact/ so that it can be re-loaded for further incidents.

The following warm up shelters will have the same type extinguishers installed as the trails are opened. They are, Snook Lake shelter on the L103 trail, Rush Bay shelter on the “A West” trail and the Minkaduza Lake shelter on the L101 trail. That will eventually complete all the warm up shelters on the Sunset Trail Riders trail system.

If for any reason the fire extinguishers have been used or spent, please arrange to leave these extinguishers in the warm up shelters. STR personnel will retrieve them for servicing/re-loading. If possible, please drop STR an e-mail using the following on-line e-mail form and let us know how it was used.

Thank you.