Permit revenues fund OFSC snowmobile trails. Every trail rider who does not buy a permit threatens your trail system. If enough freeloaders choose to ride without paying, here are five immediate consequences from lack of funding:

Clubs could not groom trails as often.

  • Your riding season could be shortened as groomers ran out of fuel.
  • You could have fewer loops and connecting trails to ride.
  • Your trail access to services could be reduced or terminated.
  • Many remote and wilderness trails could be closed.

Thanks to permit buyers for your continuing support in 2010, but freeloaders are cheating you and stealing your smooth trails. Please say “NO!” to riding with anyone who does not have a 2010 permit!

Click here for PSA that will appear in the next (mid-January issue) of the Go Snowmobiling magazine. A similar notice will also be placed on the OFSC home page.