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Try Our Trails Reminder

Reminder that try Our Trails weekend this year is Feb 3 & 4, 2018. It’s cold out there but trails are in great shape.

To find out more, click here.

Driver Training Course Saturday, Jan 13, 2018

Notification of Driver Training Courses being offered for O.F.S.C YOUTH SNOWMOBILE OPERATORS LICENSE on Saturday, Jan 13, 2018. Please Click Here to see details.

2018 Permits on SALE

2018 Trail Permit on sale now !!!

Save by purchasing your permit(s) on or before November 1st.

The OFSC is offering a discount on the 2018 permit prices if you purchase your permit on or before November 1, 2017.

Click HERE to take advantage of this great offer.

*** REMINDER– all permits sales are online only. Enjoy the convenience of buying 24/7 from the comfort of your home, office or mobile device! ***

When you purchase your permit(s), please set your “Home Club” to be Sunset Trail Riders…so that your permit dollars go to where you ride.


Your Snowmobile Trail Permit gives you access to any available OFSC Prescribed Trail. Permits generate the revenue OFSC clubs need to maintain snowmobile trails and buy groomers. They are the only source of funding for trail operations. By purchasing a permit, each rider contributes to the cost of providing snowmobile trails as part of the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs OFSC User Pay System.

Trail Permits are required by law in Ontario.

The Online Process:
– It is pretty straight forward, create an account, add your sled(s), add permit(s), to your cart for each sled (make sure you choose Sunset Trail Riders as your Home Club), and pay for your permit(s).
– If you already have an account, you DO NOT need to create a new one, just login with your account from last year and follow the process above.

What you will need:
– For new sled or first time buyers, you will need to know your Year, Make, Model, Serial Number, & License Plate for each sled you own
– You will need to know your Visa or MasterCard information for the purchase
Please set your “Home Club” to be Sunset Trail Riders…so that your permit dollars go to where you ride.
– If you run into any issues in purchasing your permit(s) online, please contact us at [email protected] and we will help you with any questions you may have.

Your STR Executive

Truck on Trail !!!

There is a truck stuck on the trail just west of McKenzie Portage road and McKenzie trail road junction. There is a way around it but use caution. It has been reported to the OPP

We have had other vehicles on the trails over the past week and it can make for a dangerous situation. Vehicles, quads, side by sides, etc are NOT allowed on OFSC trails, ONLY snowmobiles with valid OFSC permit are allowed on the trails.

If you see any other vehicles on the trails, please take a picture of their license plate and email us ([email protected]) with a brief descriptions of time and location you saw them. We will deal with the OPP.

Your STR Executive


Now that we have your attention., of course all the trails are NOT groomed. It’s only January 10th!!!

With the late ice and heavy snowfalls we have had, many areas do not have enough ice to safely groom yet. But what we have confirmed over the years is that if the trail is packed beside the stakes, then that area has more ice and can get us out to groom earlier.

Even today, there are already many areas that are well packed beside the stakes that are now groomer ready. But unfortunately lakes where everyone fans out and enjoys the fresh powder do not have enough ice to safely support a groomer along the stakes 🙁

Not enough ice…no grooming…PERIOD. We will NOT risk our operators lives on unsafe ice.

Hey…many of the club volunteers are  no different than allot of folks out there that want to enjoy the soft pillow also known as 30 cm of untouched snow on a flat frozen lake. But if we don’t pack the trail beside the stakes then we likely won’t have enough ice to groom that lake and then we won’t be able to groom the land trails between the lakes.

For the next couple of weekends, please talk your group into riding beside the stakes and packing the trial 20-30ft wide on either side.

We know it is a boring to ride along the stakes, but it really does help.

If you think the above email is stupid or you caught yourself saying “who the heck does this guy think he is telling me where I can and can’t ride” then by all means ride wherever you want. But then please don’t complain when the trail isn’t groomed. We have equipment and operators ready to groom, we just need safe ice to send them out.

BTW….why do you think Black Sturgeon and the trail to Redditt always one of the first lake trails to be groomed?

Because there is so much traffic on that trail, that it is packed more than 50 ft wide on both sides of the stakes. Packed trails result in thicker ice in a shorter time….if it has enough ice, it gets groomed.

Please pack the snow along the stakes, it really does make a difference!!!

Feel free to pass this onto anyone that is asking or complaining about trails not being groomed.

Thanks in advance,

Your STR Executive

How Healthy is Snowmobiling?

How Healthy Is Snowmobiling?
Nobody really knows, but were going to find out. The Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations has commissioned a pioneering national research survey on the health benefits of snowmobiling. Were asking everyone who loves snowmobiling across Canada to participate by going online today to complete the survey!

Click Here for Survey

See new STR trail numbers in the guide…

Although change is sometimes difficult in the short term, the districts long term goal is to help our members navigate the trail system.

Changes put in place this year affect many trails.

The 2 biggest changes include:

The renaming of L102 Pipeline trail to A East. This allows members to travel from West end of trail system on A West to A North thru Kenora and continue on A East to Stewart Lake.

To aid in navigation of our Wilderness Loop that circles the district, the “old” A East and L601 Hydro Line to Sioux Narrows will be renamed A113A and will go from A West/A North Junction all the way down thru Sioux Narrows (via Hydro Line) and then down to Emo and across to Atikokan…all on 1 new trail number A113A. It will then reconnect with A East, Hence the A at beginning and end of the trail name.

You can check out all changes on the OFSC Interactive Trail Guide by clicking on image below…

Click here for OFSC Interactive Trail Reports

2017 OFSC Seasonal Permit $50 Off Regular Price

*** SAVE $50 ***

Sunset Trail Riders are looking forward to a great season. Don’t miss a day of sledding this winter, get your OFSC Trail Permit NOW at a discounted price of $210.

But hurry December 1st is the LAST DAY before they go up to the regular price of $260.

Click here for OFSC Online Permit Purchase

Your STR Executive

Driver Training Course Feb 3-4, 2016

Notification of Driver Training Courses being offered for O.F.S.C YOUTH SNOWMOBILE OPERATORS LICENCE on Feb 3-4, 2016. Please click here to see details

Trail Update Jan 6, 2015

We had our STR club meeting Tuesday night and given the current conditions, we will be holding off on staking any trails for at least 1 more week.

We are hoping that the cold weather that is expected this weekend will help to tighten up some of the marsh areas and build more ice out on the lakes. At the moment, it is not safe to travel on the lakes.

Our volunteers will continue to monitor ice conditions over the next week and we will make our decisions based on volunteer and membership safety at that point.

Sorry we don’t have better news, but mother nature appears to be winning so far this year.

At this point all STR trails are currently unavailable and unsafe for snowmobiling.

Please check our website on a regular basis for trail status updates.

Your STR Executive

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